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Goalie Fight! There Was A Frickin’ Goalie Fight In Calgary!

What a beautiful rare beast this is. The Battle of Alberta was not particularly close last night, as the Oilers won 8-3 to take their first game (of four so far) off the Flames this season. But it surpassed the other three in terms of sheer chaotic unforgettability thanks to a scrap between a pair of goalies with history on both sides of the rivalry.

What I’m trying to say is: GOALIE FIIIIIIGHT!!!!

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Please God Give Me The Battle Of Alberta In The First Round Of The Playoffs

Say what you will about the NHL’s current playoff format, but the interdivisional 2-3 first-round matchups are perfectly built to inflict maximum emotional trauma (particularly if you’re a Maple Leaf) and foster ugly feelings between rivals (like the Sharks and the Golden Knights). And no two teams are better suited for that boiling pot of high-stakes hatred than the current 2 and 3 seeds in the Pacific Division, the Flames and the Oilers. So they better frickin’ meet come playoff time!

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