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The Unending Act Of Pouring One Out For Local Journalism

The thing about this job, I used to say, is that it’s 95 percent pain tolerance and five percent skillset. That was back in the late 2000s when my job was working the late-night breaking news shift in the Miami Herald‘s Broward County bureau. The office and the job no longer exist, but there’s no point in pretending that a reporter saying that a journalism job no longer exists is noteworthy.

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Talkin’ The Big Game With Three Bloggers Who Are Too Good For This Shit

A bedrock belief here at Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog Dot Com is the importance of considering all viewpoints and exposing our longtime readers to the full spectrum of sports takes. This weekend you have heard plenty about The Big Game—in point of fact, everything published on this sports website has been strictly about The Big Game itself—from the various unemployed bloggers of Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog Dot Com; it seems only fair, therefore, that we present Big Game takes from our rivals and enemies, the Employed Bloggers. We have spoken to three members of this faction, chosen completely at random from the many dozens of Currently Employed Bloggers, and their Big Game takes are presented here, unedited, for your edification.

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