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Italian Soccer Team Holds Jersey Design Contest For Kids; Winner Is A Suspiciously Talented 6-Year-Old

Earlier this week, Italian soccer club Pescara unveiled their new kit for the 2020–21 season that may or may not happen. The kit was the winning entry of a contest that asked young supporters to dream up their ideal Pescara jersey. The colorful shirt made waves because its artist, Luigi, is 6 years old. The jersey’s legitimate coolness is able to overshadow the immediately obvious fact that no 6-year-old could possibly put together something this good.

Here is the side-by-side of the drawing attributed to Luigi and the translated version Pescara will wear if soccer returns in 2020:

There’s not a 6-year-old in the world capable of drawing such straight lines. Real 6-year-olds treat the lines between which they color as suggestions at best; a kid that young producing such even color saturation would be hailed the new Rembrandt by kindergarten teachers across the globe. I absolutely, 100 percent do not believe a child that age made that.

Of course, this is no crime. The kit “Luigi” “drew” is awesome, and while it’s perhaps a bit too busy to look good in action, there probably won’t ever be any action, so no harm, no foul.

Still, I can’t help but feel for some of the kids whose parents didn’t set them up with stencils and strict orders, and let their minds and hands run free. Below are a few of my favorites. (Note that the contest explicitly mentioned the need for solidarity during coronavirus, so that’s why the artistic rendering of the physical virus is featured in many submissions.)

The hands-down winner for my personal favorite, though, is this bad boy. The piece really makes the most of every part of the canvas:

You were robbed, Lorenzo.