Here's Your 2020 Name Of The Year Bracket

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Shaving Bobby Fischer: Unearthed Video Shows The Chess Legend Before The Fall

Bobby Fischer came to a sad end. Fischer, the most famous and greatest chess player the U.S. and maybe the world ever produced, spent his last decades hiding and in exile. He used up his rare resurfacings ranting against various governments and all Jews. By his 2008 death from kidney failure in Iceland, where his most heralded chessboard moments had taken place in 1972, Fischer’s repulsive late-in-life behaviors had overwhelmed most memories of his heyday and left him culturally irrelevant.

But, there was a time… 

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Jack Evans, Serial Scoundrel And Pal Of D.C.’s Billionaire Sports Owners, Launches Shameless Comeback Effort

The bar has been high for local politicians in D.C. to attract national attention for their shenanigans ever since the reign of Mayor Marion “Bitch Set Me Up!” Barry. But dang if former-for-now city councilmember Jack Evans didn’t Fosbury Flop right over it this week. Evans, zealous comforter of the comfortable since his 1991 election and self-appointed consigliere to the market’s billionaire sports owners, began his campaign for a city council seat just 10 days after being drummed out of that very job for nearly a dozen ethics violations (that we know of).

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Recovered Memory: That Time Sam Kinison Annihilated Me And My Mom

For more than three decades, my friends have giggled at me while recounting the time they saw me get destroyed by Sam Kinison for being an idiot heckler. I’ve retold the tale myself to pretty much everybody I’ve ever met. Now, after all these years, I’ve finally found it on tape.

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