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I Simply Cannot Stop Thinking About This Jameis Winston Workout Video

On April 9, 2020, I saw this video of Jameis Winston doing some sort of drill:

And now I can’t stop thinking about it!

What exactly is Winston supposed be preparing for with this drill? A scenario in which a balled-up Aaron Donald is launched across the line of scrimmage by a trebuchet? Is he worried that the Saints are going to make Sonic the Hedgehog their new blitzing linebacker? I stay up every night howling these questions at myself.

Winston is still a free agent, and despite throwing 30 interceptions last year, he deserves an NFL job. He also deserves recognition for being football’s foremost practitioner of cringe humor. What other player can claim moments as hysterical as this fumble, this speech, this speech, and now this workout video on his résumé?

I will now click play on the video above for what must be the 178th time, because the man knows how to captivate an audience.