Here's Your 2020 Name Of The Year Bracket

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Pfft, I Could Do That If I Wanted To

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, athletes can’t exercise like they normally do, so they’re limited to using whatever’s in their living quarters. Some of these jocks have shared their supposedly grueling home workouts, and I’m here to bravely proclaim that they’re not that impressive. Which ones? All of them.

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Olympic Climbers Use Their Walls And Fireplaces For The Most Intense Game Of “The Floor Is Lava”

Climbing was one of the sports slated to make its Olympic debut in Tokyo this year, though because of the coronavirus pandemic, the opportunity for sportscasters to make strained comparisons to Spider-Man has gone the way of hanging out in bars and the feeling of joy. Climbers will have to wait (at least) one year to go to the Games.

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Super Bowl Photo, By Donovan McNabb

Hell yeah baby, it’s the day of the big game! Donovan McNabb is down in Miami and he kicked off celebrations by hanging with the boys! Oh yeah!