Here's Your 2020 Name Of The Year Bracket

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What I Would’ve Asked Coronavirus Truther Clay Travis If He Hadn’t Ducked My Emails

When I last had a full-time job, in October, Clay Travis was a talking head whose 10-year-old jokes were mostly confined to a Fox Sports 1 gambling show. In terms of TV, that’s as close as a person can get to being banished to the Phantom Zone. Any time I’d write about him at my gig–this happened a handful of times–many of the commenters would be baffled as to who this person was, and annoyed that I had brought him into their lives.

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Pfft, I Could Do That If I Wanted To

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, athletes can’t exercise like they normally do, so they’re limited to using whatever’s in their living quarters. Some of these jocks have shared their supposedly grueling home workouts, and I’m here to bravely proclaim that they’re not that impressive. Which ones? All of them.

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Sorry, No Dogs Allowed In The Park At This Time

Although right now people are supposed to stay inside as much as they can, dogs still have to go on regular walks in order to stretch their legs, as well as pee and poop. Please use good judgment when taking those pooches outside. Don’t let them off-leash in the park so they can play with a football.

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Here’s Your UTSB Halftime Highlight Roundup

What an electric first half! The Chiefs and 49ers are tied, 10-10, after 30 minutes filled with huge plays and major moments. In case you missed anything, here are the highlights.

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(Some Of) The Worst Tweets Of 2019

It’s passé to publish a year-end list in February, but some shit came up and our plans changed. The Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog staff has compiled a non-exhaustive list featuring (some of) the worst tweets of 2019. Yes, we too wish Daniel Radcliffe was reading these.

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Surely There’s At Least One More Tony Romo Out There

Quarterback-turned-color commentator Tony Romo is the object of a bidding war, according to anonymous sources who definitely aren’t his agent. Romo’s contract with CBS will end soon, and he’s due for a raise, as he’s displayed an ability to string together complete sentences and shown an enthusiasm that isn’t phony or excessively loud.

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