Here's Your 2020 Name Of The Year Bracket

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How To Herd Goats

The first time I led the herd out for a walk on my own last November, the goats listened to me for five or so minutes. That was about how long it took for them to get out of sight of the commons, at which point they veered away from the down-canyon road and charged up the hill. Earlier that day, my brother and I had easily taken this herd of 18 goats out for their morning walk, and it was chill enough that I believed I would be able to do it alone after the heat had broken that afternoon. I was wrong about this.

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Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog Up All Night: Taking The Proper Steps

Thank you for your continued support of Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog. See you tomorrow.

Olympic Climbers Use Their Walls And Fireplaces For The Most Intense Game Of “The Floor Is Lava”

Climbing was one of the sports slated to make its Olympic debut in Tokyo this year, though because of the coronavirus pandemic, the opportunity for sportscasters to make strained comparisons to Spider-Man has gone the way of hanging out in bars and the feeling of joy. Climbers will have to wait (at least) one year to go to the Games.

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Chael Sonnen On Continuing To Host Fights In Empty Grain Silo: “What We’re Doing Here Is A Psychology”

If you wanted to watch live sports during the last weekend of March, you had two or three options, depending upon where you stand on competitive gaming. This was well into the coronavirus pandemic and weeks after every major sports league around the world ground to a halt, which left the world a total of four Belarusian Premier League games, each played because that country’s president seems to think the disease doesn’t exist since he can’t see it; a handful of esports matches played online; and a UFC-broadcasted grappling card held in a vacant grain silo in Oregon. This weekend, you can still watch Overwatch or terrible soccer. You will still be able to catch some more grappling, too.

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What Time Does 4:20 4/20/2020 Start?

Right now 🙂

Super Bowl Photo, By Donovan McNabb

Hell yeah baby, it’s the day of the big game! Donovan McNabb is down in Miami and he kicked off celebrations by hanging with the boys! Oh yeah!

Just Like Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, Arik Armstead Has What It Takes To Make Sacramento Proud

Perhaps the greatest single strength the 49ers will have in today’s Super Bowl is their imposing defensive line. One of those key players is Arik Armstead, a Sacramento native who has an opportunity to stand out on the big stage, just like Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, the protagonist of the 2017 film Lady Bird, when she finally left Sacramento to attend NYU, realizing her dreams to break free from her dreary hometown.

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Darren Rovell Gets Very Huffy Over Photo Of Kobe T-Shirts

How are you going to make the most of this weekend before “the large football match”? Spend time with friends and loved ones? Enjoy the wonder of nature? Whatever your answer is, it’s certainly more healthy and productive than Darren Rovell’s, who has found himself in a rather Rovellian folly.

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What Time Does “What Time Does ‘What Time Does The Super Bowl Start?’ Start?” Start?

According to a report from, this weekend’s big game is the subject of much attention from the publishing world, with several outlets racing to be the first to inform hundreds of readers what time the game takes place. Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog would like to now pull back the curtain and reveal, for the first time, the answer to a question commenters have asked for years: What time does “What time does ‘What time does the Super Bowl start?’ start?” start?

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