Here's Your 2020 Name Of The Year Bracket

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Does Soccer Have The Best Names Of Any Sport? Jimbertson Vapor Suggests: Yes

Stare long enough at a disparate set of data points and clusters emerge. If you’re an Ancient Mesopotamian, millions of scattered points of light in the sky become constellations. If you’re a bored, doodling mathematician named Stanislaw Ulam, cardinal numbers arrayed in a spiral reveal grouped patterns in the seemingly random occurrence of primes. Even if you’re a koala—hamstrung by a too-small brain, because you can’t muster the energy to sustain a larger one, because the only thing your body can digest for energy is literally toxic and will kill you if eat too much of it—pattern recognition helps you find your next meal.

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Name Of The Year Second-Round Voting Is Now Open

According to a survey conducted by the Educational Theatre Association, the most-performed musical production in schools across the United States is The Addams Family. Perhaps you can picture them now: a cocksure senior in Gomez’s striped suit, a white-faced Morticia at his side. Or, if your high school’s theater director is a bit of an oddball, maybe something like Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit, which also cracked the EdTA ranking.

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The Best Names Of The WHL Draft

I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is, we’re through the worst. Not only do figures indicate that we’ve already reached a plateau, but we’re in a marked and sustained decline from the peak. We have successfully flattened the curve. Covid-19 infections? No. WHL Braydens.

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