Here's Your 2020 Name Of The Year Bracket

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The Best Names Of The WHL Draft

I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is, we’re through the worst. Not only do figures indicate that we’ve already reached a plateau, but we’re in a marked and sustained decline from the peak. We have successfully flattened the curve. Covid-19 infections? No. WHL Braydens.

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I Despise The Large Baby

Let me show you how the UTSB sausage works. Earlier this afternoon someone (me) dropped into the Slack this video, of a baby larger than is normal for babies:

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5 Classic Games That Remind Us Why We Miss Sports

It has been a brutal month-plus of no sports. You don’t need me to tell you that. But perhaps I can help by reminding you of the good times: those classic, timeless games that represent everything good about sports.

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Slowly But Surely, Baseball Is Creeping Back Into The World

This, my friends, is a sight for sore eyes:

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No Offense To The Chiefs But The AFC Is Dogshit

The Patriots are dead. (I know that’s been said before, but it’s true this time! I think. I hope.) But any optimism that the NFL’s larger structural issue of the last generation—that the AFC is mostly garbage and it’s too easy for a decent team to come out of it—should be dampened by the Chiefs’ leisurely stroll to the Super Bowl.

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The Biggest Sports Stories We Didn’t Get To Cover Over The Last Three Months

Triumph and tragedy; drama and heartbreak; scandal, scandal, scandal: It has been a wild winter in the world of sports. And it has frustrated us to no end that we haven’t had an outlet to blog about the hugest and juiciest stories, because we love blogging! So, allow this post to serve as some small consolation, both to us and to you, the loyal reader thirsting for our takes.

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