Here's Your 2020 Name Of The Year Bracket

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It Won’t Matter, But At Least The NFL’s Dregs Had A Nice Offseason

While Comrade Roth is trying to decide whether to love Alex Rodriguez as his new baseball overlord and Comrade Magary is pretending to be a meth-crazed Heidi Klum, the rest of us are watching the National Football League twitching hysterically about a draft that will be either hilariously surreal or depressingly mundane–I mean, more depressingly mundane.

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Sorry, No Dogs Allowed In The Park At This Time

Although right now people are supposed to stay inside as much as they can, dogs still have to go on regular walks in order to stretch their legs, as well as pee and poop. Please use good judgment when taking those pooches outside. Don’t let them off-leash in the park so they can play with a football.

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