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This Is So Cute: Fancy Dog Tom Brady Wandered Into A Stranger’s House

Tom Brady, who is a fancy dog, has been his usual rambunctious self ever since making his big move to Tampa, Fla. After getting up to a little mischief in a local park, he decided to drop in on one of his new neighbors.

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Sorry, No Dogs Allowed In The Park At This Time

Although right now people are supposed to stay inside as much as they can, dogs still have to go on regular walks in order to stretch their legs, as well as pee and poop. Please use good judgment when taking those pooches outside. Don’t let them off-leash in the park so they can play with a football.

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The (Cryptic) Saga Of Tom Brady’s Dumb Tweet

Tom Brady retired yesterday. Or maybe left New England? Well, not really. But for a few minutes people thought he did in a tweet with only a photo attached. Yes, this is the first Super Bowl that does not involve Tom Brady since Super Bowl 50 in 2016, and the big hat enthusiast decided to enter himself into the proceedings anyway.

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