Here's Your 2020 Name Of The Year Bracket

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Join Me In Sharing The Distinct Pleasure Of Not Wearing Shoes In The House

It sucks having to ask guests to take their shoes off every time they come over. I feel like an unwelcome host, saying “Welcome to our house! Here’s the first of what are sure to be many rules.”

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If The NBA Ever Holds Crowdless Games, Teams Should Still Pump Sound Into Them

Abstract representation of what the 2019 NBA Finals would’ve looked like in an empty arena with music still being played in the background

I miss the sounds of sports: the crack of the bat, the loud check into the boards, the roar after a late game-winning goal. I even almost miss the sound of an unthinkable four-bounce shot.

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A Look Back At The Wildwood Boardwalk T-Shirts Of 1986

The Wildwood boardwalk in 1986 and 2019

The summer of 1986 brought a new wrinkle to the endless battle between partying young vacationers and the authorities of Wildwood, New Jersey. A case from earlier in the decade made its way to an appeals court just before Senior Week 1986, with the court ruling that Wildwood could no longer hold people overnight for minor crimes.

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An Analysis Of ‘The Last Dance’ As Seen Through Michael Jordan’s Liquor Glass

Just under three minutes into The Last Dance, we meet one of the documentary’s stars: Michael Jordan’s drink tumbler. Sitting next to Jordan during one of the interviews he did for this 10-part documentary, the tumbler appears in multiple shots throughout the first two episodes. Sometimes it’s full. Sometimes it’s empty. We don’t see Jordan drink it, but we can tell he did.

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I’ve Spent Two Years Thinking About The Noise Cris Collinsworth Made When Tom Brady Fumbled

The Eagles won the Super Bowl two years ago. I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

I think a lot of Eagles fans share my habit of occasionally pondering back and thinking about how much fun Super Bowl 52 was for the Philadelphia area. I experienced it in a different way than a lot of fans, though: Somehow I convinced my bosses we needed to do a Mall of America video, so I saw the Eagles win the Super Bowl in person.

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Andy Reid And Food: A Brief History

The first reference I could find in a newspaper regarding Andy Reid and food came on front page of the June 14, 1993 Stevens Point Journal. “Packer coach likes his milk,” the headline read. Two days earlier, Reid, then the Green Bay Packers’ offensive line coach, had defeated a local announcer and others in a milk-drinking contest. He’d downed 29 double-shots of milk. The report does not identify how quickly Reid, then 35, drank nearly a half-gallon of milk.

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Hippopotamus Barfs While Picking Super Bowl Winner

Humans have long believed in the psychic powers of animals. “In centuries past, psychics communicated with an animal in order to divine information about a coming event,” says an article about psychic animals I picked out to prove my point. Here’s another one: “In ancient history, cats were known to be able to move from this world to the Spirit World with ease… even up to the present, many people still think of cats as especially gifted with psychic abilities.”

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The (Cryptic) Saga Of Tom Brady’s Dumb Tweet

Tom Brady retired yesterday. Or maybe left New England? Well, not really. But for a few minutes people thought he did in a tweet with only a photo attached. Yes, this is the first Super Bowl that does not involve Tom Brady since Super Bowl 50 in 2016, and the big hat enthusiast decided to enter himself into the proceedings anyway.

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