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Just Like Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, Arik Armstead Has What It Takes To Make Sacramento Proud

Perhaps the greatest single strength the 49ers will have in today’s Super Bowl is their imposing defensive line. One of those key players is Arik Armstead, a Sacramento native who has an opportunity to stand out on the big stage, just like Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, the protagonist of the 2017 film Lady Bird, when she finally left Sacramento to attend NYU, realizing her dreams to break free from her dreary hometown.

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Antonio Brown Apologized. Oh.

The 2019 NFL season began for all intent and purpose with Antonio Brown, and, hours short of the season’s end, there is Antonio Brown. We, as they say on cheap old-folks-and-shut-ins-police-procedural-network-TV-shows, are hooked.

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No Offense To The Chiefs But The AFC Is Dogshit

The Patriots are dead. (I know that’s been said before, but it’s true this time! I think. I hope.) But any optimism that the NFL’s larger structural issue of the last generation—that the AFC is mostly garbage and it’s too easy for a decent team to come out of it—should be dampened by the Chiefs’ leisurely stroll to the Super Bowl.

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What The Hell Is Going On With The Saints And The Catholic Church?

Before this weekend’s unending stream of programming proclaiming the greatness of the National Football League, let’s catch up on a truly bizarre story that probably won’t get much mention in the penumbra of the Super Bowl.

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The (Cryptic) Saga Of Tom Brady’s Dumb Tweet

Tom Brady retired yesterday. Or maybe left New England? Well, not really. But for a few minutes people thought he did in a tweet with only a photo attached. Yes, this is the first Super Bowl that does not involve Tom Brady since Super Bowl 50 in 2016, and the big hat enthusiast decided to enter himself into the proceedings anyway.

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You Shouldn’t Get The Monday After The Super Bowl Off

Drew Magary’s Thursday Afternoon NFL Dick Joke Jamboroo ran every Thursday during the NFL season. Buy Drew’s book here.

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