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Here’s Your UTSB Halftime Highlight Roundup

What an electric first half! The Chiefs and 49ers are tied, 10-10, after 30 minutes filled with huge plays and major moments. In case you missed anything, here are the highlights.

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Just Like Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, Arik Armstead Has What It Takes To Make Sacramento Proud

Perhaps the greatest single strength the 49ers will have in today’s Super Bowl is their imposing defensive line. One of those key players is Arik Armstead, a Sacramento native who has an opportunity to stand out on the big stage, just like Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, the protagonist of the 2017 film Lady Bird, when she finally left Sacramento to attend NYU, realizing her dreams to break free from her dreary hometown.

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This Super Bowl Is Far Too Normal

In a Super Bowl run-up almost completely devoid of weirdness, contention, absurdity or ghastliness, it should be come as little surprise that nobody has made a thing of San Francisco shutting down the parade route for the team they no longer have a week ahead of time.

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Introducing Scrimmage Ratio And Why It Says The Niners Will Beat The Chiefs

At many, many points this weekend, you will hear about how the Super Bowl will be won in the trenches. You’ll hear it during the pregame in between James Brown throwing it to a special commentary from Lou Dobbs. You’ll hear it during the game from Troy Aikman, because Aikman is a living soundboard of football clichés (“Tell you what Joe, someone needs to step up here”). And you’ll hear it during the postgame as the winning team gets bukkake’d by confetti. I glaze over that strain of commentary every time because A) it’s always been a fundamental given in this sport, and B) I can see, with my own two eyes, who’s winning in the trenches. I saw it all through the Niners’ playoff run, when Raheem Mostert was already four yards downfield before a defender even got to shake his hand. Their dominance along both lines was obvious. But then I thought to myself… can’t there be a stat for that?

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